Project Status: In progress
Starting Date : Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Duration: Long-Term
What’s next: 
Purpose: Train local minority youth to become trained animation leaders and later work for PdV in the local orphanages in and around Kon Tum
Place: KonTum

Through working with orphanages and boarding schools in Kon Tum, Poussières de Vie realises the low success rate of students undertaking pre-university examinations, particularly in areas such as mathematics and Vietnamese literature . We offer tutoring to support these students, but we strive to address these issues at an earlier stage.

Therefore, to assist in the intellectual and physical development of children in orphanages Vinh Son (6 in total), Poussières de Vie has put into place a training program to equip young people from the minorities in Kon Tum with BAFA qualifications (a French proficiency certificate as an activity leader). These activities leaders will be trained by experts at the Kon Tum PointCom . The active training promotes teamwork, respect, and trusting relationships between trainers and trainees covering the following areas: communication, management, security, pedagogy, and evaluation skills.

At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:
– oversee and steer daily activities for children;
– plan and execute the daily timetables of children;
– organise a kid-friendly living space;
– enhance children’s development according to age brackets;
– respect and teach simple hygiene rules to the children;
– ensure the children’ physical and moral security;
– write educational projects to define the children’s work objectives;
– objectively evaluate the leaders’ and the students’ work;
– create tools to encourage children to express themselves daily;

Once the trainees have passed their training and the practical assignments, they will be engaged as activities leaders for the orphanages in Kon Tum, and will receive a remuneration to conduct educational and sports activities for the children.

Our support covers their education and offers job opportunities for young people in an area where high level of unemployment is also an issue.

Training sessions started in 2011 with 12 trainees, 6 of which have successfully accomplished their training, and are currently working as activities leaders in some of the Vinh Son orphanages.

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