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Poussières de Vie is looking for skilled volunteers for our hospitality school, “Hnam Chang Ngeh”, in Kon Tum!

Are you a hospitality or catering professional? Would you like to discover another culture whilst sharing your skills and knowledge? We are currently looking for skilled volunteers to help the staff of “Hnam Chang Ngeh” and to teach a number of courses (including but not limited to the basic duties of receptionist work, housekeeping, and general hotel services).

Interested? Send an email with CV and cover letter to


Association Xuan and Poussières de Vie have joined forces to create a vocational hospitality training school in the region of Kon Tum, Vietnam, where tourism is currently expanding. The school, called “Hnam Chang Ngeh” (or “House of Hope” in Banhar, one of the local languages) was launched in 2014 and aims at training young people from the local ethnic minorities, providing them with tools for life and a career within the world of hospitality. Each training course lasts six months and welcomes a group of 15 to 18 students. At the end of the training period, the students spend 5 months doing a practical internship with one of our partners in HCMC, Mui Ne, or Phu Quoc.

Hnam Chang Ngeh is based at The Family Garden Hotel in Kon Tum and counts one classroom, a restaurant, as well as 5 rooms for guests.


Under the supervision of the Hnam Chang Ngeh Director, the volunteers will: 1) Teach the following subjects related to hospitality and catering: cooking, service, reception as well as subjects such as business culture, cultural differences, accounting, and safety at work; 2) Provide input and advice in order to ensure constant improvement of the teaching curriculum; 3) Support the school with other tasks pending need and the interest of the volunteer (e.g. fundraising, research, improvement of communication channels or teaching material, etc.).


Professional from the hospitality, catering or tourism sectors.

Starting Date:

As soon as possible (and for as long as possible).


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Thank you!


Project Status: 
In progress
The aim of this program is to collaborate with a young Bahnar female to help her make the most of her farmland. As a pilot project, we are testing various farming techniques to learn how such a farm can be profitable as well as setting an example for other farmers from the Kon Tum area’s minorities

As the Point Farming is a sloping surface, like most of farmland operated by minorities, we hope to combine a long-term culture that promotes reforestation and crop-based food that provides income in the shorter term.

PdV is supporting this new farm with a zero-interest rate loan to the young Bahnar female farmer, and sharing our technical advice on the most suitable agricultural practices to ultimately harness the young woman’s farming-management skills.

We believe granting zero-interest rate loans is a perfectly adequate tool to help farmers improve their situation and remain independent. Making a donation may help the farmer one year but we fear not much is learnt for the following year. Yet granting a loan for a project and providing technical support will help the farmers in the long run. Such loans can, for example, help farmers invest in fertilisers and subsequently boost their production. Even though they have to repay the money they borrowed, the farmers will earn a greater income than if they did not use fertilisers.


Project Status: 
In progress
Starting Date : 
Sunday, June 1, 2014
Hnam Chnag Ngeh (“House of Hope” in Bahnar language) is a PdV-run hospitality school located in Kon Tum. Its objective is to train local young adults in the main skills of the hopitality industry.
Foundation TRYBA & Accor

“Hnam Chang Ngeh” hospitality school was created by Poussières de Vie. It aims at providing high quality training for local young adults for them develop a professional career within the hospitality industry. The school offers hands-on training for the students with its on-site hotel. Director Jean-Louis Vuong is in charge of daily operations.

The school was opened in 2014. The curriculum includes:

1.  Learning phase of 6 months in Kon Tum :

General skills (english, mathematics, cultural differences, geography…)

Practical skills (reception, room service, catering, cooking class,…)

Professional skills (professional behaviour, job application, how to write a CV/resume, a cover letter, how to pass a job interview)

2. Practical training in a partner structure in Kon Tum

One month of training in a hotel, restaurant or café in Kon Tum city

3. Internship in our partner structures all around Vietnam.

5 months internship with one of PdV’s partners:

  • Sofitel and Novotel – Hồ Chí Minh
  • BO resort – Phú Quốc
  • Joe’s Cafe – Mui Ne
  • Ho Tram Resort – Hồ Chí Minh
  • Hoa Tuc – Hồ Chí Minh

4. Professional coaching

Support the students with finding a job



Project Status: 
In progress
Starting Date : 
Friday, February 10, 2017
The aim of this partnership is to enable young people from the Kon Tum Province to get a professional training after which they will be offered a workplace in this company.

AA Corporation is a big interior fit out and hospitality furniture manufacturer company in Vietnam with established reputation for consistent delivery of cutting edge interior service within the hospitality market. Possessing an expert interior team and extensive fit out experience, the company works for the most prestigious hospitality projects in Vietnam and overseas.

By giving the young people of the Kon Tum Province the opportunity to attend training sessions in this partner’s facilities, they not only learn professional skills in this workmanship but also benefit from English and other suitable classes in order to be able to also work overseas.

The first training session started in February 2017. All the trainees succeeded and are now employed by AACooperation. A second training session started in September 2017.


Project Status: 
Starting Date : 
Sunday, November 1, 2009
Improve the situation in the Vinh Son 4 orphanage in KonTum

PdV has built new toilets and new showers with a garden to filter dirty water as part of an eco-friendly project to improve the day-to-day living conditions of 120 children at this orphanage. Two social workers have been employed to take care of the children.


Project Status: 
In progress
Starting Date : 
Tuesday, February 1, 2011
Improve and monitor the health of the children of PdV local partner orphanages in and around KonTum (6 Vinh Son orphanages)

PdV is serious about improving and maintaining the health of every child across its six Vinh Son orphanages in Kon Tum, in Vietnam’s Central Highlands.

Since February 2011, a Bahnar nurse, Ms Y Nganh, has been paid to periodically visit each of of the Vinh Son orphanages and keep medical records of almost 700 children living in these facilities.

French doctor, Chantal, is also doing consultations and has helped build a database of the children’s medical records in order to keep track of their health development.

A local doctor is available for consultations on a needs basis and ensures the maintenance of the health service.


Project Status: 
In progress
Starting Date : 
Sunday, November 1, 2009
what’s next: 
Start selling the products
Caroline, Céline (fashion designer)
Preserve the local handicraft skills of the central highlands and provide job opportunities for the minitorities

Thoai is a Bahnar woman who makes traditional clothing and accessories using a handmade weaving method. In her shop, she helps women learn how to weave thanks to this traditional process. PdV supports her by helping her sell her products in Vietnam and abroad.

The handicrafts are beautifully made. If you would like to purchase one or more of Thoai’s products, please email us at

Today in 2018:
PDV’s help to Thoai was successful! Today she has her own little shop where she sells the traditional products to local and foreign customers.


Project Status: In progress
Starting Date : Tuesday, December 7, 2010
Duration: Long-Term
What’s next: 
Purpose: Train local minority youth to become trained animation leaders and later work for PdV in the local orphanages in and around Kon Tum
Place: KonTum

Through working with orphanages and boarding schools in Kon Tum, Poussières de Vie realises the low success rate of students undertaking pre-university examinations, particularly in areas such as mathematics and Vietnamese literature . We offer tutoring to support these students, but we strive to address these issues at an earlier stage.

Therefore, to assist in the intellectual and physical development of children in orphanages Vinh Son (6 in total), Poussières de Vie has put into place a training program to equip young people from the minorities in Kon Tum with BAFA qualifications (a French proficiency certificate as an activity leader). These activities leaders will be trained by experts at the Kon Tum PointCom . The active training promotes teamwork, respect, and trusting relationships between trainers and trainees covering the following areas: communication, management, security, pedagogy, and evaluation skills.

At the end of the training, the trainee will be able to:
– oversee and steer daily activities for children;
– plan and execute the daily timetables of children;
– organise a kid-friendly living space;
– enhance children’s development according to age brackets;
– respect and teach simple hygiene rules to the children;
– ensure the children’ physical and moral security;
– write educational projects to define the children’s work objectives;
– objectively evaluate the leaders’ and the students’ work;
– create tools to encourage children to express themselves daily;

Once the trainees have passed their training and the practical assignments, they will be engaged as activities leaders for the orphanages in Kon Tum, and will receive a remuneration to conduct educational and sports activities for the children.

Our support covers their education and offers job opportunities for young people in an area where high level of unemployment is also an issue.

Training sessions started in 2011 with 12 trainees, 6 of which have successfully accomplished their training, and are currently working as activities leaders in some of the Vinh Son orphanages.


Project Status:  In progress
Purpose:  PointSport is a PdV-run sports centre located at the Phu Tho Stadium in HCMC District 11. Its overall objective is to allow disadvantaged children to discover, learn and enjoy practicing sports. Ultimately, PdV aims at ensuring societal integration through sports.
Place: Hô Chi Minh
Sponsor: Nike

PointSport is the second training centre opened by PdV in HCMC. It aims at helping children from disadvantaged families better integrate into society through sports. The Centre-coordinator, Ms Phuong Anh a Vietnamese social worker, has been working with PdV for over five years.

At PointSport, PdV runs an annual program with sports practice 5 days a week from 8am to 10am. There are currently 30 children enrolled in the program. The coaches are Vietnamese (from the Phu Tho Stadium) and volunteers from abroad. The different sports the children are taught are taekwondo, soccer, volleyball, basketball, swimming, badminton, rugby and athletics.

PdV provides lunch to the children and afternoons are spent studying English and IT.

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