Who we are

Poussières de Vie, a non-profit organization operating in Vietnam since 2002 with an initial mission of uplifting street children, has had more than 19,000 young people change their lives and get jobs through training and career guidance programs. After 20 years of operation, in 2022, co-founder Patrick Désir – who has a dream of bringing street children “home” and his partner decided to transfer this whole beautiful idea to a team of young Vietnamese volunteers operating in the direction of Social Enterprise to continue contributing to the development sustainability of the organization, aiming to spread the effective career guidance model that has been proven for more than 20 years, contributing to social development.

The Poussières de Vie Social Enterprise aims at social assistance activities such as: Guiding training and vocational retraining for the unemployed, for whom education is limited; Educational support for homeless children and other vulnerable groups in society:

  • Useful Training Program
  • Life skills training programs taught in English or French such as:
    – PointSPORT – specializes in coaching social skills, foreign languages through sports.
    – PointCOM -training program in English, French through robot programming and assembly.
    – PointARTS – learn applied English, French combinedwith arts (music, painting)
  • Hospitality training program
  • Domestic Worker Training Program
  • Child Care Specialist Training Program
  • Training program specializing in aged care (non-medical)
  • Training program for protection, care for bonsai, repair of household appliances.
  • Pet Care Training Program (Non-Medical)

In addition, charity activities such as raising funds, connecting social enterprises, as well as creating useful cultural, sports and entertainment playgrounds for young people to raise their sense of participation in community preservation and building a civilized lifestyle.