16,000km by bicycle  from France to Vietnam for education  

Nón lá” project has started on a crazy idea: to cycle from Europe to Asia. From Thibault’s continent to Khánh Nguyên’s continent! 

They want to raise funds for the NGO : “Poussieres de Vie” (in English, “dust of life”) which enables young kids from poor families to go to school, to train them and to find them a job when they will become adults. 

Khanh Nguyen and Thibault both met in Vietnam in 2015 and just get married. For their honeymoon they decided to do something a bit special: to cycle together from France to Vietnam during almost on year!


WhAT means Nón lá?

Good question! “NÓN LÁ” is the Vietnamese conical hat. It is traditionally worn by Vietnamese farmers.

It symbolizes for them the end of their incredible journey : Vietnam. 

It also carries with it the values of Vietnamese farmers which will be their guides during our trip: courage, endurance and solidarity with others. 

The two of them will wear one “Nón lá” hat during our trip! 


the ngo they support: Poussières de vie

Poussières de Vie” (“dust of life” in English) is a non-profit organization helping Vietnam’s most disadvantaged people through funding and managing a variety of projects in Vietnam.

They promote lasting change in the lives of Vietnamese disadvantaged children by bringing them back to school, teaching them a trade and helping with their personal development,

NÓN LÁ Project” will be the opportunity to organize a fundraising campaign for which they plan to raise 1 USD for each kilometer we will cycle. A 16,000km ride would then represent potentially 16,000 USD for which 100% will go directly to Poussières de Vie !

If you want to find out more, here is the NÓN LÁ’s website. Each supporter will find the name in the credits of a final “NÓN LÁ Project” movie in 2020. 

J o u r n e y   D i a r y



Our bicycles are ready to go from France to Vietnam.
Our paniers as well.
Our minds and souls also.
But we are not so sure about our bodies!

Our big departure is in two weeks now!


Our big departure is tomorrow!! During one year we will cycle from France to Vietnam….
Thanks to the great assistance of the bicycle shop we had some training on how to fix the bikes.
We learnt how to repair basic feature of the bike and as well to maintain a wheel.
We hope that we won’t need make too many repairs during our long journey – especially in the middle of the mountains or the desert…- but we are ready to face it now