Project Status: 
In progress
The aim of this program is to collaborate with a young Bahnar female to help her make the most of her farmland. As a pilot project, we are testing various farming techniques to learn how such a farm can be profitable as well as setting an example for other farmers from the Kon Tum area’s minorities

As the Point Farming is a sloping surface, like most of farmland operated by minorities, we hope to combine a long-term culture that promotes reforestation and crop-based food that provides income in the shorter term.

PdV is supporting this new farm with a zero-interest rate loan to the young Bahnar female farmer, and sharing our technical advice on the most suitable agricultural practices to ultimately harness the young woman’s farming-management skills.

We believe granting zero-interest rate loans is a perfectly adequate tool to help farmers improve their situation and remain independent. Making a donation may help the farmer one year but we fear not much is learnt for the following year. Yet granting a loan for a project and providing technical support will help the farmers in the long run. Such loans can, for example, help farmers invest in fertilisers and subsequently boost their production. Even though they have to repay the money they borrowed, the farmers will earn a greater income than if they did not use fertilisers.

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